Will Wallpaper Scare Your Buyer Away?


Can wallpaper or designer paint keep your Macomb house from selling?

It could, or it could cause the offers you do get to come in lower. The fact is that today, more and more buyers want a house that’s “move-in ready.” They don’t want to spend the time or the money to make changes.

In addition, some buyers are unable to “see” past paint or wallpaper that is displeasing to them. They can’t envision how much they’d like the house if the walls were a neutral color, so they move on to the next house. Some also have trouble envisioning the size of rooms if the walls are painted or papered in a dark color.

First, the wallpaper. Plenty of people love it. If they didn't, interior design stores in Macomb wouldn't sell it. So – why do agents warn that your house won't sell if you have wallpapered walls?

Because wallpaper reflects individual taste. Each person has their own idea of what's beautiful and what's ugly. One of the trends this past year has been wallpaper with flowers two or three feet across, splashed against a black or maroon background. Obviously, some love it, while others would turn an immediate thumbs-down.

The wallpaper in your home reflects your taste – and the chance that your taste and a buyer's taste are alike is at best slim.

If you can, the best thing to do is to remove that wallpaper and paint the walls in one of the seasons' most popular neutrals. If you can't, at least get a bid from a reputable painting contractor. Find out what it will cost and how long it will take to remove or replace that wallpaper. Then let your agent have that information to pass along to potential buyers. 

Paint is admittedly easier to change, but again, not everyone wants to take the time and expense to do it.

If you're searching for a Macomb home and you see wallpaper or paint that you don't like, don't let that detail keep you away from a house that otherwise meets all your requirements. Remember that wallpaper and paint are temporary. You CAN change them

Focus instead on the location, the floor plan, the room sizes, and the way you and yours will use the home. Envision it with the paper or paint of your choice – and with your own belongings on the walls and in the rooms. 

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